Director/Co-Founder of Lamourie Media

A well known personality, Dave is an excellent public speaker. He is comfortable on both sides of the television camera and radio mic, having been a talking head on federal and international criminal justice related issues, an on air personality and producer for television in SW Ontario, and a radio host and programmer in Toronto.

Having worked closely with politicians, prominent media figures, and other public personalities for Lamourie Media, Dave has the skills and experience necessary to address difficult challenges and circumstances, to assist clients in refining their optics and helping them in overcoming obstacles.

As an early adopter of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, Dave is knowledgeable about the subject, and can provide valuable insight about the new emerging cryptocurrency space.

A musician, an actor, and an excellent voice over artist, he has been called “Canada’s Golden Throat” by one client for whom he did a mainstream car advertisement, and has occasionally been known to engage in comedy, political satire, experimental artistic endeavours, and other forms of amusement.

A brilliant, outside the box, strategic thinker, when he works on a project clients are always amazed with the new ideas, and the big picture thinking he brings to the table.

You can be confident that Dave will add star quality – and great ideas – to any project.

Interview with Richard Pryor Jr. In Toronto – June 25, 2017

Richard Pryor Jr. was in Toronto for his first Canadian performance “Life, Love, and a Little Laughter.” The Mod Club in Toronto June 30, 2017.

Interview with legendary rock and roll icon photographer John Rowlands at The London Beatles Festival

John Rowlands: at The London Beatles Festival 2016
Special thanks to John Robert Rowlands ©2016, London Beatles Festival

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